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From the Revival Designbüro ”BERGLUFT” Collektion

I have one place in the Alpine mountains where I tank strength and piece of mind. Being there in this place each time teaches me that all we really need to feel good, exists in the nature.

Being in this place, reminds us to listen to the stillness and learn to gather strength from it.

Art Print also available in  English or other languages.

Original  Alpine Photographie by Valerie Schoeneich

Printed on 280 gsm Paper

Each Poster is made in Revival Designbüro Studio, sinded and numbered by the designer

© Valerie Schöneich/Revival Designbüro 2015.
This product in complience with the copyrights is not to be reproduced and resaled withpout written permission.

Design shops interested in selling the poster can contact: hello [!at] revival-design.de

As a digital file * * You can also order the digital file of the print which you can print on your own. Please note, by choosing this option you agree to the copyright (c) terms which state that this file is for your personal use and cannot be resold or reproduced. To order the digital file please contact hello [at] revival-design.de

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