For Jewellery Designer from Luxemburg Romy Colle the little details, Optic and Textures are important. Her Branding reflects these characteristics. A creative way we went together, were the client had a wonderful feeling for aesthetics, brought us an architectonicaly built Logo, Letterpress business cards and hand made Packaging. 
To get different Textures in Gold, uses Romy in her jewellery work Stamping. I used this technique in her Business-card Design. The Business Cards are printed with a Letterpress technique using a golden Folie. Another interesting trick was creating a gold foil edge on each card. When the cards are placed on each other, it looks like a piece of Gold.
Letterpress Tag on a hand sawn jewellery bag was used for packaging.

In 2015 branding work for Romy Colle Jewellery was published in Amazon Bestseller book in category Branding Design „How To Style Your Brand“ by Fiona Humberstone
„ The intricate logo design by Revival Design Bureau for jewellery designer Romy Colle is strikingly elegant and perfectly positions the brand at the premium end of the market“ – Fiona Humberstone