Brand Identity Design

Successful Business (even the smallest) think and act as a brand. What does this mean ? The core values, strategic concept, company’s culture need to be visually communicated in a coherent look and feel. Revival Design Bureau finds out the main characteristics of your business, the core values and creates a Brand Design Concept which truly tells your story to your potential customers. The goal is to create a unique inimitable visual concept communicated coherently throughout all company’s communication channels and items such as the logo, typography, color, business stationary, website, PR & marketing items and interior. Wondering about Branding and how it works? Feel free to read the articles on the subject in our Journal.


Do you already have a design for your business, but you feel it was not bringing you the right customers so far or that it does not really reflect your core values? Or maybe your company’s vision has been changed and need a new look reflecting it? Revival Design Bureau helps you make a new start. With your new branding comes the new attention on the market and a new chance for success.

Have a vision of a business and want to start with your Brand Design? Revival Design Bureau consults you. Lets get in touch.

Success Stories

In 2015 Branding Work for a Jewelery Designer from Lüxemburg Romy Colle was listed among the examples of successful Branding strategies in a Best Seller Book in category of Brand Design ”HOW TO STYLE YOUR BRAND” by Fiona Humberstone.

The intricate logo design by Revival Design Bureau for jewelry designer Romy Colle is strikingly elegant and perfectly positions the brand at the premium end of the market – Fiona Humberstone

 Revival Design Bureau in medien 1   Branding by revival Design Bureau

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